Investment Management

JJ Burns ensures that all of your investments are completely customized to your needs. What’s more, we consider your portfolio’s place within the bigger picture of retirement, generational planning, and your legacy.

We take a personalized approach to investing, using your comprehensive financial plan as our compass. We review your past investment experience, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon, and your investment goals. Then we assess them within the framework of your values and life plans. Only then do we craft your investment strategy.

Building Your Custom Portfolio

  • Discipline—We follow a highly-disciplined buy and sell approach based on rigorous research and quantitative analysis.
  • Diversification—We aim for a globally diversified asset mix that balances risk and return across your investment horizon.
  • Tax & Expense Efficiency—We aim to minimize costs by focusing on lower-fee investments and managing for tax efficiency.
  • Rebalancing—We monitor your portfolio, rebalancing as needed to manage risk and keep you on track.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Once your portfolio is built, we closely monitor performance. We make sure that your portfolio stays on track and all managers continue to perform up to expectations. If a manager is underperforming on a risk-adjusted basis, we won’t hesitate to find a replacement. In addition, we regularly rebalance your portfolio according to your target asset allocation. It’s a dynamic process designed to protect you and your investments.

Transparency & Insights On Demand

We make it easy for you to check in on your investments and review performance.

  • Secure, online portal, with the ability to view your positions, transactions, and performance at any time—from anywhere.
  • Quarterly reporting on your investment holdings and performance, as well as our overview and outlook for the economy and markets.
  • Periodic meetings to review your progress, identify and adjust for changes to your situation, and evaluate your portfolio within the context of your financial plan.