The Situation

Barbara and Ed would like to retire within the next year or two. They’re excited about the transition, but also a little nervous. Are they truly ready?

Barbara and Ed would like to retire within the next year or two. Are they truly ready?

They’ve invested wisely over the years and built up a substantial nest egg. They think they have enough savings to last for the rest of their lives, but they’re not sure. And they still worry about how market volatility, inflation, and unexpected expenses might derail their plans.

Barbara and Ed are looking for peace of mind. They want to make sure their future is secure and their dreams are safe—no matter what life has in store.

How JJ Burns Can Help

Even when you’re looking forward to retirement, the transition can be stressful. It’s natural to feel anxious about what the future might bring. Have you saved enough money? What if you hit financial setbacks? Will you be able to weather inflation, market swings, and life’s inevitable curveballs?

JJ Burns is here for you on your retirement journey. We help you navigate both the financial and emotional side of things. And we make it our mission to ensure you’re not just retiring from work—but retiring to an active and meaningful new phase of your life.

We help you:

  • Envision your ideal retirement, including what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to see
  • Analyze your current assets, estimate your retirement expenses, and identify projected income
  • Adjust your portfolio and retirement plan to ensure you stay on track—or catch up if there’s a gap
  • Determine not only the right asset allocation for your goals, but the right types of accounts in order to minimize taxes
  • Create a flexible retirement income plan that will support the life you want while ensuring the money lasts
  • Plan ahead for retirement risks like inflation, market volatility, and health and caregiving needs

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