Business Planning

Whatever your business objectives, you can count on JJ Burns to guide you. From starting a business to planning your exit—and every step in between—we’re here to help you achieve your goals and protect what you’ve built.

Running a business is complex. We’re here to make things easier. We work closely with you to create smart strategies for your business—covering everything from business succession and contingency planning to cash flow and tax concerns. What’s more, we coordinate with your business partners, accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors, ensuring that everyone is working synergistically.

We also make sure you’re not neglecting your own finances. Your business is often your largest asset, so it’s important to protect yourself by diversifying, managing risk, and planning ahead for retirement needs. We help you create a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account your business and how it will impact your personal financial goals.

How we can help protect and grow your business.

  • Strategic Planning—Whether you’re planning to launch a new business or expand an existing one, we can advise you on financing options, liquidity solutions, and other key strategies.
  • Asset Protection—We take steps to protect your business and its assets from litigation and other risks, including insurance gaps, identity theft exposure, and corporate liability.
  • Benefit Plans—We help you develop competitive benefits programs—including 401(k) retirement plans—with the potential to attract and retain top talent.
  • Tax Strategies—We use a variety of sophisticated strategies to help you minimize taxes—analyzing everything from the way your business is set up to your exit strategy.
  • Business Legacy & Charitable Giving—We work with you to select the right charitable vehicle for your business giving, maximize the impact of your donations, and create a legacy that will last.
  • Exit and Succession Planning—We help you maximize the value of your business for a sale, plan for the tax consequences and financial impact, and arrange for a smooth ownership transfer.