Collaborative Wealth Management

You have dreams for the future. But what will it take to get you there? Life is unpredictable, so how do you plan for its twists and turns? What steps should you take to protect yourself, provide for your family, and build the life you want?

At JJ Burns, we understand that true wealth is about more than just money. It’s about living the life you want. But mapping the way forward isn’t easy. Your financial life is complex, with many moving parts. Change one, and the effects may ripple out in ways you don’t expect.

That’s why we offer collaborative wealth management. It’s a unique approach that ensures you get the best possible guidance, strategic problem solving, and hands-on personal care.

How collaborative wealth management serves you better.

Collaborative wealth management brings every aspect of your financial life together into a single, seamless plan. Unlike traditional wealth management, we look at the whole picture, including retirement goals, insurance risks, tax concerns, charitable giving, and estate planning.

We coordinate and guide every element of your financial life, from your family to your career, and everything in between. We believe this collaborative approach produces better outcomes for our clients due to:

  • Lower Cost, Greater Efficiency—We help you save money by eliminating redundancies and avoiding unnecessary fees.
  • Peace of Mind—You can be confident that all gaps are covered and that problem solving is coordinated, with no unintended consequences.
  • Whole-Life Planning—We map out truly comprehensive, customized strategies that you can rely on, no matter where life takes you.

We work closely not only with you, but with everyone in your financial circle.

Even the best plans can fail when your advisors aren’t collaborating. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with your family members, business partners, accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, we make sure that everyone is coordinated and in sync. The benefits include:

  • A New Level of Teamwork—All your advisors work together as one, protecting your diverse interests while pursuing the same big picture goals.
  • Your Interests Come First—We ensure that everyone on your team adheres to the fiduciary standard, placing your needs above their own.
  • A Focus on Success, Not Sales—Our only objective is to help you select the options that are best for you over the long term—not to sell you products.