What We Do

Charitable Planning

Sharing your wealth with others is an important part of your comprehensive financial plan. We help you develop a more satisfying and effective charitable giving plan.

We work closely with you and your family to ensure that your plan is not just strategic, but meaningful. We take everyone’s personal interests into consideration as we guide you through your options. Our goal is to craft a focused charitable giving plan that supports the causes you care about while delivering significant tax benefits, maximizing the impact of your generosity, and creating a meaningful legacy.

Tax-Smart Philanthropy

  • We assess the short and long-term tax and estate planning implications of your donations, and make sure your giving is aligned with your overall wealth management objectives.
  • We determine the best solutions and choice of charitable vehicle for your situation, whether it be setting up a private foundation, a charitable trust, or a donor-advised fund.
  • We identify strategies to make your dollars go farther, such as donating appreciated securities held more than a year. The advantages include avoiding capital gains and the ability to claim the full value as a charitable contribution.

A Whole Family Process

We encourage the involvement of multiple generations in the charitable giving planning process. Our process aims to create a lasting family legacy through education, engagement, and communication.

  • Strengthen bonds among families by working together
  • Choose causes that are meaningful to all members of the family
  • Teach your children to handle wealth responsibly and give back
  • Define core values to be passed from generation to generation