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Collaborative Wealth Management

You have dreams for the future. But what will it take to get you there? Life is unpredictable, so how do you plan for its twists and turns? What steps should you take to protect yourself, provide for your family, and build the life you want?

These are the questions that JJ Burns is here to help you answer. We work with you to clarify not just your financial goals, but what it means to live life on your terms. We look at everything: your family, your career, the causes you care about, your retirement goals, the legacy you hope to leave. Then we chart a course to get you there—one that covers all financial gaps, so you can move forward with confidence.

That’s the philosophy behind our collaborative wealth management approach.

How Collaborative Wealth Management Can Help You Live the Life You Want

Successful wealth management involves much more than just investment planning. It’s about coordinating and guiding every element of your financial life, from your business to your family, and everything in between.

Retirement goals. Insurance risks. Tax concerns. Charitable giving. Estate planning.

Each piece is part of a larger picture: one that’s interdependent, highly-complex, and ever evolving. Change one, and the effects may ripple out in ways that are unexpected. The only way to manage all these moving pieces as a strategic, cohesive whole is through teamwork, relationship building, and strong leadership.

That’s what our collaborative approach is designed to do.

At JJ Burns, we work closely not only with you, but with everyone in your financial circle—including family members, business partners, accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, we oversee and direct the entire effort, ensuring that every member of the team is playing in harmony.

We ask the tough questions, facilitate meaningful dialogue, and map out truly comprehensive, customized strategies based on your values and priorities. Throughout the process, we coordinate with all of your outside advisors. The goal is to develop a unified plan that protects all your diverse interests, ensures gaps are covered, and solves critical problems while preventing unintended consequences. And we continue our oversight once the plan is in place, so you can be sure that everyone is working synergistically and nothing will slip through the cracks. It’s a truly collaborative effort built on transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

One team. Fully united. Led by JJ Burns. Working together seamlessly and skillfully for your greater good.

collaborative wealth management

The Benefits of Collaborative Wealth Management

  • Trusted Teamwork – We develop close, collaborative relationships with your attorney, accountant, and other advisors. We take full ownership and responsibility for this coordinated effort, ensuring that all team members are sharing information, meeting their commitments, and supporting each other’s efforts. You can be confident that your entire team is up to date, in sync, and pursuing a common goal.
  • A Personal Relationship – Our collaborative wealth management process is based on a deep understanding of who you are and what matters to you and your family. That’s why we prioritize the client relationship above all else. And because we genuinely know and care about you, we’re able to provide better plans that are personalized according to your dreams, goals, and needs.
  • Open Communication – We believe that successful communication starts with the willingness to listen. We’re here for you—whatever your questions or concerns. What’s more, we are open, honest, and sensitive in all of our conversations. Our high emotional intelligence makes it easier to navigate delicate financial discussions and encourages more meaningful, productive connections.
  • A Higher Standard of Care – As independent advisors committed to a fiduciary standard of care, you can always count on us to put your interests first. We offer a superior level of service that you simply won’t receive at large, corporate institutions. We’re responsive, dedicated, and readily accessible. Our fiduciary duty naturally aligns with our deeply held belief that when you succeed, so will we.
  • An Emphasis on Education – As your devoted wealth management partner, we offer fully-customized financial guidance that draws on our deep well of industry expertise honed over 30 years helping clients like you. But we don’t stop there. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge and wisdom to you, your family, and your other advisors. We offer mentorship, education, and training so you can make informed decisions with confidence and clarity.