What We Do

Investment Management

Our holistic approach to financial planning carries over into our investment process. We ensure that all of your investments are completely customized to your needs. What’s more, we consider your portfolio’s place within the bigger picture of retirement, generational planning, and your legacy.

Your comprehensive financial plan serves as our starting point. We review your past investment experience, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon, and your investment goals. Then we assess them within the framework of your values and life plans.

Making sure that your wealth is protected is a key component of our investment planning process. We set ambitious wealth-building targets, but these are always balanced with disciplined strategies to minimize risk and provide downside protection. Your financial security and peace of mind are never far from the minds of our investment professionals. And your portfolio is carefully built to align with your long-term goals.

Building Your Portfolio

We set ambitious wealth-building targets, but these are always balanced with disciplined strategies to minimize risk and provide downside protection.

JJ Burns is an independent firm—meaning your interests always come first, with no hidden biases or conflicts of interest. Working from the investment recommendations we’ve developed for you, we assess the current economic environment and begin to research and select appropriate investments. We work carefully to craft a custom portfolio that is balanced, flexible, and diversified.

Investment Selection

We use a rigorous research process to identify best-in-class investment managers for you. When choosing managers, we look carefully at their investment philosophy, process, and performance. We make sure that their strategy is appropriate for your situation, with the potential to meet or even exceed your financial goals over time. 

We evaluate manager performance, selecting only those who fall within the top quartile of their peers on a risk-adjusted basis. We target managers who consistently outperform their peers while protecting those gains from undue risk. Their buy-and-sell process must be disciplined, meticulously researched, and strategically sound.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Once your portfolio is built, we closely monitor performance. We make sure that your portfolio stays on track and all managers continue to perform up to our expectations. If a manager is underperforming on a risk-adjusted basis, we won’t hesitate to find a replacement. In addition, we regularly rebalance your portfolio according to your target asset allocation. It’s a dynamic process designed to protect you and your investments.

  • Regular and ongoing monitoring of your portfolio, with updates and modifications to your asset allocation and investment holdings as appropriate.
  • Secure, online access to your portfolio, with the ability to view your positions, transactions, and performance at any time—from anywhere.
  • Quarterly consolidated statements detailing your investment holdings and performance, as well as our overview and outlook for the economy and markets.
  • Periodic meetings to review your progress, identify and adjust for changes to your situation, and evaluate your portfolio within the context of your holistic financial plan.