What We Do

Financial Planning

Many advisors and brokers claim to be financial planners, yet their scope is limited to portfolio planning or a single type of product. But at JJ Burns, we look at the whole picture: where you are today, where you want to go, what you envision for your future—and future generations—and what it will take to get you there.

Our goal is to help you plan and build the life you want. And it starts with a relationship. We spend time getting to know you, including the things that matter to you and the people you care about. We help you clarify not just your financial goals, but what it means to you to live a rich life. We understand that wealth is much more than net worth—it’s about family, security, meaning, purpose. It’s about living life on your terms.

Developing Your Personalized Plan

Once we’ve identified your values, priorities, and dreams, we begin the process of constructing your personalized, comprehensive plan, or “roadmap.”

We understand that wealth is much more than net worth—it’s about family, security, meaning, purpose. It’s about living life on your terms.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your financial situation, including your budget and cash flow, current assets, savings, and insurance needs. We also look into your goals for retirement, for your estate, and the legacy you hope to pass on. Then we integrate all of these pieces into a comprehensive financial plan that’s completely customized to you and your family.

Elements of a Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • Cash Flow & Budget Analysis – We analyze how much you earn, how much you spend, and how much is left over to fund your financial goals.
  • Net Worth Evaluation – We look at your assets, debts, and savings. This gives us a clear understanding of your current financial health.
  • Risk Management & Insurance – Are you and your family protected from life’s contingencies? We assess the risks and make sure you’re covered.
  • Investment Planning – We build a diversified, strategic portfolio based on your tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, and targeted rate of growth.
  • Retirement Planning – What are your retirement goals and how much do you need to save? We provide recommendations and projections based on your situation.
  • Estate Planning – We look at every element involved in estate planning and the transfer of wealth to your heirs. The goal is to plan ahead for a seamless transition.
  • Heritage Planning – We work with you to determine your goals for future generations, and teach your loved ones important financial values and skills.

Of course life isn’t static—and neither is your plan. Your needs and goals may change over time. There will be inevitable bumps in the road and unexpected developments and detours. At times we will need to reevaluate your financial strategy and make adjustments. But we always have your customized plan to guide us and keep us focused on your long-term vision.