How We Can Help

Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, you know the commitment it takes to reach and stay at the top of your game. That’s the level of dedication that JJ Burns brings to your financial life.

We take advantage of your athletic career window, creating a strategy to leverage your earnings into a lifetime of financial security. Our team guides you through the financial challenges you face today while preparing you for retirement and helping you maximize your wealth.

Specialized Services for Professional Athletes

  1. Comprehensive Investment Management

    We develop a customized investment game plan for you that’s aggressive enough to reach your goals, yet protected from excess risk. We also help you evaluate investment proposals that come your way.

  2. Retirement Planning

    How long do you expect your career to last? We help you maximize financial opportunities during your athletic career and develop a solid transition plan that will take you into retirement and beyond.

  3. Insurance

    As a professional athlete, it’s important to protect your assets and earning potential from injury, illness, lawsuits, and other risks. We make sure you have the coverage you need for peace of mind and financial security.

  4. Financial Education & Budgeting

    We analyze your cash flow and budget so you have a clear picture of your spending habits and needs. We also review your assets, including real estate and other investments, so you understand your financial big picture.

  5. Identity Protection

    As an athlete in the public eye, you run a higher risk of identity theft than most. We put safeguards in place to prevent financial and business identity theft and protect your reputation.

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