How We Can Help

Health Care Professionals

The demands of running a successful health care practice can distract you from your own wealth management goals. But your financial health is every bit as important as the health of your patients.

At JJ Burns, we work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that integrates your personal and professional goals. Our strategies are designed to provide financial security and peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that while you’re taking care of others, we’re taking care of you.

Specialized Services for Doctors & Dentists

  1. Insurance

    We help you protect yourself from malpractice claims and other litigation risks. Together, we explore your insurance options and make sure you and your practice are covered.

  2. Asset Protection & Growth

    Our team of investment experts helps you build a portfolio that aims to maximize your earnings without exposing you to unnecessary risk. We make sure that the plan aligns with your retirement and lifestyle goals.

  3. Business Succession Planning

    If you’re like most medical professionals, your practice is your most important asset. We make sure you have a plan in place for transitioning to retirement and transferring the business to a successor when possible.

  4. Employee Benefits

    We help you attract and keep top talent in your practice with attractive benefits packages that are cost effective for you. We also make sure you maximize your own benefits and retirement options.

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