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Endowments & Foundations

JJ Burns provides a broad range of advisory & investment management services to endowments and foundations. We work with your team to craft a customized policy that reflects your organization’s values, mission, and goals.

We have a long history of meeting the unique investment, distribution, and capital preservation needs of non-profits. We also know how to handle the varied administrative, governance, and tax issues your organization may face.

Services for Endowments & Foundations

  1. Investment Policy Construction & Consulting

    We work with your investment committee and trustees to outline an investment roadmap for your organization. Together, we create a formal investment policy statement that documents your investment philosophy, objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints. We also define your spending policies, cash flow needs, asset allocation guidelines, and the due diligence process.

  2. Strategic Asset Allocation, Diversification & Portfolio Management

    We help you build a custom portfolio that meets the long-term goals of your organization. Once your portfolio is in place, we provide ongoing performance monitoring and risk evaluation. Managers are continuously evaluated against benchmarks and peer groups. We further mitigate risk by adhering to a disciplined rebalancing plan.

  3. Education

    We educate your team, sharing the best practices we’ve learned from our work in this community. We provide insights and advice designed to improve trustee oversight. We support you with education on investment options, access to quality research, and coordination and participation in your quarterly investment committee meetings.

  4. Retirement Plans

    We specialize in customized retirement and deferred compensation plans designed to attract and retain quality employees. We provide expert guidance and support throughout the whole process—from building and setting up your unique plan to administering and managing the account on an ongoing basis.

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