How We Can Help

Business Owners & Executives

As a successful business professional, you understand the importance of strategic planning. But with the demands on your time, you may find yourself neglecting your personal wealth management plan.

That’s where JJ Burns comes in. We focus on the financial aspects of your life, so you can focus on your business. From business succession and contingency planning to employee benefits and tax concerns, we cover all of the financial issues that impact you as an executive or business owner.

Services for Business Professionals

  1. Asset Protection

    We help you protect your business and the assets you’ve built from litigation and other risks. We look at asset protection from all angles, including insurance, identity theft exposure, and the structure of your business and your portfolio.

  2. Strategic Planning

    We guide your through your corporate retirement planning options, including 401(k), deferred compensation, and pension plans. We also specialize in managing concentrated stock positions and options.

  3. Tax Planning Strategies

    We use a variety of sophisticated strategies to help business owners minimize taxes. We analyze everything from the way your business is set up to your exit strategy. We also stay on top of changes in the tax code and how they impact you.

  4. Business Legacy & Charitable Giving

    What legacy would you like to leave for your family and community? We help you identify your values, establish charitable traditions, and create a legacy that will last. From donor-advised funds to charitable trusts, we help you maximize the impact of your donations.

  5. Estate Planning

    In today's world, the estate planning process is more complex than ever. We help you construct a comprehensive plan for distributing your assets fairly and minimizing family conflict.

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