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Aging in America: The Demographic Shift That Will Change the Way We Live

By JJ Burns

April 3, 2015

People are living longer—what does that mean for your financial future?

It’s a fact that people are living longer today. Global aging will have an effect on how investors worldwide—including the younger generation—make decisions regarding political and social policy decisions, as well as their personal financial choices.

Aging in America Special Report

We've put together this informative report, in which you’ll learn:

  • The new face of aging, and the impacts it can have for investors.
  • How your investments will fare in the long term.
  • Why stocks are still one of the best long-term investments that keep pace with inflation.
  • The alternative investment themes that can complement your portfolio.
  • How you can take advantage of investments that are flexible, active and ready—no matter what your age—by crafting a strategy that envisions your future.

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